League management website

- the easy way update fixtures, results and tables for tennis leagues and many others

Tennis leagues

If your local tennis league needs an online system to manage clubs in the league, set-up and manage fixtures and tables, this is the site for you. This website gives your league administrator an easy way to

* Set up different divisions
* Manage and maintain contact with club administrators
* Enable club administrators to manage their captains and players
* Set up fixtures and dates
* Allow clubs to post results (and to dispute results)
* Maintain up to date tables
* Set rules for deciding league positions
* Add or remove clubs/teams mid-season
* Control player eligibility
* Change fixture dates
* Maintain contact with club captains/coaches
* Run male/female/mixed divisions concurrently
* Control the start and end of seasons
* and much more

The best way to find out how we can help is to speak to us by calling 01635 41547 for a no-obligation consultation. If you prefer that we call you, complete the form to request a call. You can see the league tables in action by visiting Newbury & District league.

Or if your club needs a smart online way to manage its courtbookings and/or your membership, with powerful tools for maintaining contact with members, visit www.courtbookings.org.uk.